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Interview With a Captain of U.T.B.F

Ahoy Capitana Red Hand

Please, spare some time and share with our fine and dear U.T.B.F. Brotherhood, some treasure from yer life, so as the Pirate Universe know ye better

What is yer real name, mylady?

Capitana Red-Hand is Andrea Jones

 What are yer other, everyday activities, except from sailing, plundering and dreaming?
I’m a wordsmith. I write stories about — what else? — pirates. My first book, “Hook & Jill,” was released last August. It’s the myth of Peter Pan, re-envisioned for grown-ups, (ages 17 and up, but best to be over 40), and the first in a series of Neverland novels for adults. I’m proud to say that within “Hook & Jill,” Captain Hook comes into his full power. You can find reviews, awards, and my author appearances at

 Describe yerself in 5-10 words.

Fierce, friendly, fiery, firm, and fervent. In short, a Pirate. (And that was exactly 10 words).
Since when ye got interested about Pirates?

It all started with pirate figurines on a birthday cake. My life-long intrigue with piracy triumphed as I wrote “Hook & Jill.” Captain Hook invaded my dreams and inspired my story, and I now understand why he is the iconic pirate of Western literature — truly, the Pirate King. Many thanks to Sir James Barrie, who conjured him up for the world’s appreciation.

 What is this specific thing ye really like about Pirates most?

Their independence and their defiance of the rules. Pirates, like me, have been forced to make their own way, create their own families, and obey only their own code of ethics.

 How ye decided to become a member of U.T.B.F. and what is that whispering in yer heart?

Once I found the crew of Under The Black Flag on Facebook, I had to join up. Shortly thereafter, I was honored with the opportunity to become a Capitana. It is a privilege indeed to serve with my fellow UTBF captains.
Why ye accepted to be a U.T.B.F. Captain?
Brethren recognize brethren. Our hearts are linked.

What is yer favorite pirate weapon?

In “Hook & Jill,” Red-Handed Jill brandishes a whip in her blood-stained right hand. She uses it “to bring down any boy who tries to tame her.”
 What is yer favorite pirate ship?

The Roger, on which Captain Hook came to fame. In the second book of my Neverland series, “Other Oceans,” we’ll learn how Hook happened upon her, and how he took her for his own.

What is yer favorite pirate drink?

Pirate’s Choice Rum. See chapter 23 for creative imbibing techniques. And bring a lover.

 What is yer favorite pirate song?

“The Lowlands of Holland,” as recorded by Steeleye Span. It reflects the spirit of defiance, and a woman holding steadfast to her love of a lost seaman.

 What is yer favorite pirate word or phrase?

“Take what ye can; give nothing back.”

 What is yer favorite item in your pirate wardrobe?
The jewels!

 Ye feel rather a blessed or a cursed pirate figure?

I relish the blessings of my brotherhood, and revel in the curses of those who fear Red-Handed Jill.
 Do ye believe that the pirates’ life is really fer ye?

Oh, aye! I’ve never fit into ordinariness. I'd have had to narrow my life, hacking at it to fit into the conventional world. Be damned to it!

Gramerci Captain fer yer time and thinking on this short interview. Now, feel free to add anything you believe our noble Brotherhood would like to hear from you. Strong Sails!

Brothers and sisters of Under the Black Flag -- be true to your dream. Let nothing and no one stand in your way; equally, embrace those things that Fate sends your way. Be it good or ill, it’s all part of your experience.

~ Capitana Red-Hand

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